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Is Ablution About Cleanliness?

What is ablution and why is it necessary?

The popular answer is: “To be clean!”

Is it really?

If that were really the case why would we be advised to place our hands into soil and then rub our face and arms with it?

If it’s really about being clean… would you tell someone to go and stick their hand into some dirt and then rub their face with it!?

Obviously not!

So, if it’s not about cleanliness then what is it really about?

Hold your breath and look at your watch. How many seconds can you hold your breath for? Perhaps a minute or two… How about under the water? 15-25 seconds! Why the difference?

Because when your outside water all of the cells on the surface of your skin are constantly absorbing oxygen but when you’re in water those pathways are closed and the only oxygen you have is whatever is inside your lungs!

Is Ablution About Cleanliness?Hence when you rub parts of your body with water the cells that come in contact with it supplement the body with a certain amount of electricity. That is, it’s a short cut way for the brain to obtain quick energy without needing excessive water, a mere contact with the cells is sufficient.  

So, if the purpose was to “wash” and to be “cleansed” then we would need a great deal of water but for ablution all that is necessary is to wet the surface cells.

How about tayammum, where you place your hands in soil and then rub your face, then place your hands in soil again, and then rub your arms (first the right arm then the left) with your palm…?

You guessed it, to obtain electrical charge from soil! 

When you don’t have access to water you can obtain the necessary electricity from soil and neutralize the static electricity of your body with earth, etc.

Indeed, the point of ablution has nothing to do with cleaning your body; as much as it is about giving the brain the electrical charge it needs. Hence the Rasul of Allah (saw) is said to have taken ablution with even a single cup of water.

Is Ablution About Cleanliness?Some claim, “I shower frequently and have sufficient electrical charge, I don’t need to take ablution…”

Imagine you fill your gas tank up, start your car and leave it running like that… 

Will you get anywhere?

Likewise, you load your brain with electricity, and then…?

What will you do with it? What purpose will this energy serve?

You can use it to produce energy for your spirit, crucial energy that you will need after death. Or, you can squander it in pursuit of transitory worldly pleasures and be left miserably with an empty tank when you will need it most!

How and for what purpose are you using your energy my friend?


Ahmed Hulusi


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