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Religion Did Not Come for The Humanoid Life

- The humanoid life can continue to evolve with every development.

- Religion didn't come to the humanoids. Religion came to humans. To remind them of their reality and enable them to live accordingly. The "HUMAN" is defined in the Quran as a vicegerent.

- A vicegerent is a quality and a state that becomes manifest through a humanoid. A vicegerent isn't created. A vicegerent is made, according to the Quran. Humanoids were created. Humanoid is the name of the species that lives a bodily life their lives are based on and around the body.

- "To think like Allah" means that those things that are valuable for humanoids do not hold any value in the sight of Allah.

- A vicegerent lives with the qualities of Allah in the vast plane of Allah with the expansiveness of Allah. A vicegerent is not a humanoid! It manifests through the humanoid.

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