KUR'ÂN-I KERÎM ÇÖZÜMÜ ile İlgili Önemli AçıklamaAn Important Note About Understanding 'Decoding The Quran' 

My Dear Readers!

This work construes the Quran through the perspective of Sufism and the unity of existence, and through an enhanced knowledge base that has become available to us thanks to continuous scientific development.

The contents of this book will not only be instrumental in clarifying misconceptions surrounding Islam and the Quran, but also provide its readers with a true comprehension of their meaning.


Decoding The QuranA Unique Sufi Interpretation

We suggest firstly to "READ" the four articles at the beginning in order to achieve the real meaning of the Quran


  • Decoding the Quran with Arabic Recitation

    Saud Al-Shuraim, born in January 19, 1964, is one of the Imams of the Grand Mosque (Masjid al-Haram) in Mecca. Shuraim leads the Taraweeh prayers during Ramadan in Mecca since 1991. You can download and follow his recital from our website. I’m unable to...

  • Abdulbasit Abdussamed

    Abdulbasit Abdussamed (1927–1988) was a renowned Egyptian reciter of the Quran. He was born in 1927 in a village called Armant in southern Egypt, and became a full hafiz of the Quran by the age of ten. Abdulbasit's popularity as a Quran reciter is based o...

  • Hasan Güler (30 Juz/Parts)

    Hasan Guler, an invaluable scholar and a man of spiritual eminence whose knowledge I benefit from, is the Imam of Istanbul Cerrahpasha Mosque. He has made significant contributions to “Decoding the Quran, A Unique Sufi Interpretation.” Here he recites the...


Decoding The Quran
A Unique Sufi Interpretation

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