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The Renewal - Islam and The New Age

We are indeed living in very interesting times… 

The Renewal Islam and The New Age

While some are still riding their way to enlightenment on a mule, and some are advancing along the railway, others have reached helicopters and planes, flying their way through, freely and independently!

Some are happy in their cocoons while others are in the awareness outside it!

Some find solace in repeating the things of the past and some renew themselves at every instance.

Renewal, constant renewal, is a blessing bestowed upon only a rare minority!

To mercilessly question everything and to re-evaluate ones entire database with every new knowledge before synchronizing the two… To be in a state of contemplation at all times… This is the way of the one who has reached the consciousness of being a HUMAN.

This book has been written for brains that wonder what their place is within this infinite existence. 

How happy for me if I could be of any service to brains that research, question and contemplate!

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